Art of Collaborative Place Making // ArchiNool Workshop
7-9/12/2011 Mitspe Ramon

Day 1 - Weaving our Collaborative field


Check In - what is my place (physical & energetic) that I come here from?

Appreciative Inquiry - sharing experiences of collaboration
Harvesting with a World Cafe - Principles of collaboration
Mapping our learning edges 

Check out - constelating our learning edges as a field

Co-designing day2

Day2 - Experimenting & Prototyping our collaborations

Check in - in the dome

Harvest of Day1

Perspective on Process Architecture & the Chaordic

Exploring our experiments and prototypes - Open Space Technology  

Check out

Prep for day 3

2021 Israel - round tables

Day3 - Co-Creating our future collaborations

Closure and preparation to leave Adama
Travel to Alpaca farm

The Alpaca Farm with Naama

Pro-Action Cafe

Check out - how and where do I want to practice collaborative place making