Art of Collaborative Place Making ArchiNool Workshop | 7-9/12/2011, Mitspe Ramon

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Dear friends and family

Going over the goodies in this harvest and remembering inspiring moments and people
I feel this first ever Art of Collaborative Place Making gathering has been an important event. 

Thank you for all of you that made this gathering!  
30 wonderful people responded to our invitation and gathered in Mitspe Ramon for intense 3 days in which we artistically weaved our collaborative field,  mapped our principles of collaboration and learning edges, framed the context of Hosting emergence and creations in the Chaordic zone, and opened space for explorations and collaborations! wow. 
Thank you Maria, Sarah and Vanessa! I truly admire the design and flow of our days - which was elegant yet open – and your masterfulness. 

True, not everything we’ve hoped was accomplished and not all expectations and intentions were accommodated. Yet, whole in all, I am very satisfied with the meaningful journey we’ve shared. It opened our field and allowed us the delight and inspiration in meeting each other passionate committed people and to establish our common grounds and foundations of the Art of Collaborative Place Making. Furthermore, we’ve shared the experience of co-creating and sharing a powerful communal place that opens a space in which to engage in conversations that really matter to us as well as to manifest projects and enquiries in our field.
This event has been a beginning, oh yeah, and an invitation to continue, participate and collaborate in Collaborative Place Making i.e. ArchiNool.  

Thank you to all of you that contributed to this Harvest
and thank you Hedva for stepping forward passionately and wonderfully editing it

Meni R.


This documentary is a reflectance of a place we co-made. it is based upon one of the Open Space`s keystones: ”who ever comes is the right person, what ever happens is the only thing that could be, when it starts- it starts, wherever it takes place it is the right one.” 

Thank u all for sharing those places, questions, insights & hopes for evolving meaningful and inspiring conversations and for practicing the Art of Hosting. Many thanks to Meni the most recourssful & optimistic person.


Hedva p.

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