Art of Collaborative Place Making
ArchiNool Workshop | 7-9/12/2011, Mitspe Ramon

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Day 1 - Weaving our Collaboraive field

check in


The place from which we come

a collective song by Vanessa

I am coming from the future

i have roots in the desert   

so i have come back to the quiet

i am in-between

i come from a healing landscape, from healing people

i come from an ordered and confused place

but i am here

how do we work together as people?

i hold fear of creating the thing i want to create

i want to go to my next level

yet i feel stuck

what used to be? what needs to be?

i have memories from the future

so i came to meet them...

i am Alon, but i am not alone i am practicing being present

i have come for the wisdom of circles, for the synergy created by being together

to have the discussions that i lack in my daily life

to move powerfully, playfully towards my vision

from a dark time of discomfort to get inspiration

and hear the vibrant echo of who i am

how do i work in collaboration with me? i am building a bridge between the person i’ve discovered i am   and the person others know me as

tsim tsum the art of place-making can be  making place for the other to be

Architecture ~ could it be a spiritual interpretations of our dreams?

Akko ~ she is 5,000 years old and so neglected

in Bedouin towns ~ we are adopting and combining traditions with modernity

can we bring our collaborative wisdom to do better by the Earth and ourselves

for my sisters’ children, for my children to come?

learning how to live in community is to know my patterns and our collective ones

i have come here to find more members of my world family

because friendship and family are the new organizing patterns

for this new world why should i live and not have fun?  

it’s like being in family, but someone else is making the dinner

we can slow down

to speed up

the process of healing the world

but what Time is it, really?there is a synchronicity of time ­it is changing, and the cracks are showing

we are in a decision point in the world -yes, it is a crisis

it’s time for the big crack to let the authentic come through

we place our stake in the ground

it is the right time to act, and reach out

because i know i can be held

turning inwards

being open to the movements and cracks

strong in our vulnerability,we meet Destiny

and deliberately, intentionally evolve in alignment with life

i have memories from the future

so i came to meet them.

~Vanessa Reid

written on behalf of the field @ the Art of Colaborative Place-makingMitspe Ramon December 8, 2011

Appreciative Inquiry - sharing experiences of collaboration

World Cafe

What are our principles of collaboration?

  • Acknowledging the qualities and attributes of the participants
  • Collaboration needs joy + playfulness to survive
  • Joy:play>growing
  • Conscious mutual/shared intention
  • Common vision
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Vulnerability
  • Intuition
  • Safe open space
  • Confidence to be vulnerable + strong + safe space to welcome all of the charactaristics
  • Practice – willing to fail, constancy, collective
  • A collaborative + open membrane holding intention and working towards a common goal
  • Listening & containg
  • Communication skills and willingness to use them
  • Ego <> group harmonia
  • Power with not power over
  • Minimizing ego


What are our learning edges that call us to collaborate?

  • Knowing when to step up and be there in passion! Or step out because it is time
  • Willingness to be in VULNERABILITY loudly
  • How does clarity / levels of (natural hierarchy) of leadership dance with collaborative practice?
  • Rigidity / flexibility between creativity and focus on structure/ mission
  • Staying flexible and response-able when personally disturbed/uncomfortable during collaboration
  • Dealing with the uncertainty inherent in collaboration
  • Allowing yourself to be rejected and accepted
  • Collaboration in a non-collaborative/open environment – how to create a collaboration / open space in a non collaborative environment?
  • Collaborating before I know what I’m doing
  • Allowing myself to take space 

Day2 - Experimenting & Prototyping our collaborations

Process Architecture & the Chaordic

Collaborative Place Making - the story of Minehead

Open Space


Israel Round Tables 2021 event 

organised nationally by The Marker & others


סיכום שולחן עגול – ארכינול מצפה רמון – האנגר אדמה

השולחן התקיים כחלק
מסדנה בת שלושה ימים של ארכינול.

בשולחן לקחו חלק 12 משתתפים והוא רוכז על ידי מני רוזנברג ויואב אגוזי.

בשלב הראשון הצגנו את ההקשר הרחב של פרוייקט השולחנות העגולים. הנושא שבחרנו להעמיק בו היה איכות הסביבה, המרחב וחיי הקהילה. נושאים אלו תואמים את תכני הסדנה בה אנו לוקחים חלק.

בשלב השני ביקשנו מהמשתתפים לקחת כמה דקות ולדמיין חזון עתיד חיובי עבור ישראל בשנת 2021 בתחומים סביבה-מרחב-קהילה בקנה מידה מקומי ו/או ארצי. המשתתפים כתבו וציירו את הדימויים שעלו  להם.

בשלב השלישי ערכנו סבב בו כל משתתף הציג את החזון שלו. החזונות היו מאוד מגוונים ורוכזו לתוך דימוי חזותי אחד (מצורף כתמונה). תמות מרכזיות שהיו בחזונות היו מערכת ערכים חדשה, מושג זמן רגוע יותר, שבירת טבואים בשיח הישראלי, סביבת מחייה בריאה ותקינה.

בשלב הרביעי עשינו סבב בו הציגו המשתתפים דוגמאות ליוזמות שיקדמו את החזון הנ"ל. היוזמות יכולות להיות יוזמות שהם מכירים מהארץ, מהעולם או שכדאי לפתח.

רשימת היוזמות:

- משרד השלום – הקמת משרד ממשלתי לקידות שיח ההתפייסות ותהליכי השלום. יוזמה בינלאומית שעוד לא פעילה בישראל.

- transition town – מודל שפועל בכל העולם ליצירת חוסן קהילתי ולהתמודדות עם משברים סביבתיים ע"י יוזמות סביבתיות קהילתיות. בקרוב יתחיל לפעול בישראל.

- קורס מרוכז לפעילי שטח, בעקבות מהפכת הקיץ האחרון, לספק כלים לעשייה חברתית פרודוקטיבית. שת"פ של  knowmads Israel ומרכז השל. פרטים דרך מרכז השל.

- בנק הזמן – פרויקט פעיל במקומות שונים בישראל, בעיקר דרך מתנ"סים.

- עיר ללא שקיות – מודל שפועל בסן פרנסיסקו, מוציא את השימוש בשקיות מחוץ לחוק.

- ארכינול – תנועה לעשייה משותפת של מקומות קהילתיים עוצמיים

- פרוייקט קהילתי בהובלת עמותת בוסתן בקסיר א-סיר

- החזרת נציב הדורות הבאים לכנסת

-  התנועה לאיכות השלטון המקומי

- מודל מגורים עירוני בבניין קומות

- מרכז עתיד רעננה

- קבוצת קריאה (במסגרת ארכינולית) לטקסטים על אוטופיה סביבתית


ויישר כח

יואב אגוזי ומני רוזנברג

Day3 - Co-Creating our future collaborations

Travel to the Alpaca Farm


The story and place of Alpaca Farm with Naama


Proactive Cafe


About the Proactive Cafe
by Carmit Lior 

The idea in ‘proactive cafe’ is to unify knowledge, experience and insights from each of the participant. the most effective way that awakens and provokes the will to participate, contribute and receive.
‘Proactive cafe’ is composed of four sessions that begin with a request from those wishing to receive consultation.

In the first session, the project instigators choose a place to sit in the room while the others gather around the one they choose according to the subject that interests them, announced in the requests announced.
The question presented was « What is the inquiry ? »
What is the research ?  What is the problem/question ?
What is hiding between the lines ?
For twenty minutes the first brainstorming session took place.

Session 2 : swapping places
The question:  What is missing?
Again circles of instigators and advisors for twenty minutes adding ideas, wisdom and kindness to the question brought before them, in a way that completes, strengthens, sharpens and clarifies (sometimes more, sometimes less) –the first advisory round.

Session 3 :
Everyone except the instigators go for a break, whilst they get their thoughts straight following two very intensive sessions.

What did we have here ?
Jeff wanted to know how to manage life partnership and a career in parallel
Gabe wanted to know how to create joyful events in everyday life
Nurit Segev wanted to know how to convince clients with no ecological interest to ‘go green’ on their projects
Meni wanted to know how to phrase the Archinool ????
Yoav wanted to know how to begin entrepeneuring a ‘transition towns’ project
Maria wanted to know how to take action to prevent social breakdown in Greece
and Sarah wanted to sharpen the setting up of the Art of Hosting centre

Session 4 :
The instigators present the learning in the big circle.

Conclusions :
It was a very intensive circle
Sharing was felt on a very high level that was begun by people who had a question burning in them and had the courage to voice it, owing to the safe space that was created.
In addition, great honesty was expressed in the advice offered, each person being an expert by virtue of their joining the circle and their opinion was received and weighed with grace.
Each of the advisors was given the opportunity for mental gymnastics on a fascinating question that is just the iceberg-tip of a life’s project, while the instigators were awarded the chance to receive counsel that is concentrated, honest and supportive for a dificult stage in the implementation of such a project.

Taking part in the circle compelled the instigators to organise their thoughts and all the others to share insights, be exposed to existential questions and to be in perfect partnership, a collaborator on someone else’s project.

Check out


:This is the poem that I wrote during the last session on Frida

I heard a wise man say that Goddess blew the space so God could come in and do his thing
Inviting space
creating a field
a collective field
existence of co-creation
breathing interconnectedness

Doing is just an excuse,and yet,it's a kind of prayer
here is for a better world

thank you,


Staring at the new colors I got


Who are my partners

Where is,

What is

The new creation

That is now waiting

To be realized.


Thank you, people who walk

With me


בוהה בצבעים החדשים שקיבלתי


מיהם שותפיי

היכן היא,


היצירה החדשה

הממתינה, כעת, להתממש.


תודה לכם, ההולכים


Nurit Segev

Nigun with Jeff

“Leading a niggun under the geodesic dome was a real treat. I think music is an important way to create space and shift energy and for people to connect and model what it is like to harmonize with one another and wordless melodies make it accessible to all.” jEFF


with Nurit Agur



hosted by Michal Dayan




Talking Pieace ; Collective Poem ; Check- In \  Check Out ; World Caffe ; Open Space ; Proactive Cafe ; Harvesting ; Learning Edges ; Culture of Collaboration ; Chaordic ; Art of Hosting ; Inviting Space; Collective field ; Powerfull Place \ Empowering Place ; Living Wholeness ; Intelectual Capital ; Collective Intelligence ;Place Making ; Chaos \ Order

העצמה ותכנון קהילתי\ אלישבע סדן\הוצאת הקיבוץ המאוחד
מקום\ יצחק דנציגר \ הוצאת הקיבוץ המאוחד

the Art of Social Innovation

blog post harvest about the AOCPM by vanessa:Sometimes When in Circle (and the art of collective harvesting)

vanessa`s list of resources for people searching for tools:

Toolkit/Resource: Pro Action Cafe

Here's a great little tool to help you use the "Pro Action Café" method.  The Pro Action Café is a space for creative and action oriented conversation where participants are invited to bring their call - project - ideas - questions or whatever they feel called by and need help to manifest in the world.

Workbook: The Art of Taking Participatory Leadership to Scale

A wonderful workbook for the November 10-12 training held in Toronto, which will focus on: How do we use collaborative leadership to grow resilience in a movement towards a sustainable world?

Field Guide: The Art of Social Innovation

A Field Guide for Systems Change, Prepared for: The Art of Social Innovation: Participatory Leadership for Strategic Results 
April 27-30, 2010; Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia

Article: Taking Social Innovation to Scale

A seminal article by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze that clearly outline the phases of taking social innovation to scale from: (1) Networks to 
(2) Communities of Practice and (3) Systems of Influence.  This is a short article and WELL worth the read!

Article: The Art of Chaordic Leadership

Reflections on Leadership by Dee Hock with some handy tips and insights for any and all kinds of leaders facing tough questions and compelling opportunities...

Article: The U-Process

A enlightening article on the "U-Process" and Social Technology for Addressing Highly Complex Challenges

Article: The Art of Hosting

An Article by Monica Nissén & Chris Corrigan– with inspiration, quotes and materials from Silas Lusias, George Por and the AoH-list
"The art of hosting meaningful conversations – and the art of harvesting meaningful conversations are two sides of the same effort – namely to “amplify” our brains and our hearts, or to engage our collective intelligence and wisdom to find the emergent and sustainable solutions to complex challenges."

Resource: Hosting in a Hurry

A quick reference for convening conversations that matter, that puts the Art of Hosting into practice. 
This guide was written by Chris Corrigan for the Vancouver Island Aboriginal Transition Team.  It would not have been possible without the wisdom, friendship and inspiration of Monica Nissen, Toke Moeller, Kris Archie, Tenneson Woolf, Teresa Posakony, Tim Merry, Phil Cass, Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Caitlin Frost, Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea – all of them wise and wonderful stewards of he Art of Hosting. 

Paper: Making a Difference 

Strategies for Scaling Social Innovation for Greater Impact by Frances Westley, PhD & Nino Antadze.  This article explores the strategies and dynamics of scaling up social innovations. Social innovation is a complex process that profoundly changes the basic routines, resource and authority flows, or beliefs of the social system in which it occurs. Various applications of marketing and diffusion theory are helpful to some extent in understanding the trajectories or successful strategies associated with social innovation. It seems unwise, however, to rely solely on a market model to understand the dynamics of scaling social innovation, in view of the complex nature of the supply-demand relation with respect to the social innovation market. Instead, the authors propose a distinctive model of system transformation associated with a small but important group of social innovations and dependent on discontinuous and cross-scale change. This paper focuses on the challenge of scaling up social innovations in general and in particular the dynamics of going to scale.

the Lotus + the Weave

Art of Collaborative Place Making ArchiNool Workshop | 7-9/12/2011, Mitspe Ramon

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